Heat exchanger – essential for engine thermal control


1.OE Matching Quality
  • Designed and manufactured specifically for the aftermarket, while tested to match OE quality.Easy-handling packaging and excellent protection against transport damages.ABCER radiators are submitted to corrosion, vibration, pressure impulse,thermal expansion and thermal performance test
2.Convenient installation
  • The perfect craftsmanship and product compatibility make the installation process of the ABCER radiator smooth and incomparable. At all times, additional installation accessories are included in the product packaging, making the installation process faster.

3.durability & Performance
  • Improved the key components and strength of the radiator, giving it excellent heat dissipation performance and longer service life.
4.Full coverage
  • Highly competitive product range of +2000 models in range covering +11800OE numbers and Suitable for 98% car models in the market


Modern Technologies​

Sturdy, durable and highly performing core construction produced with advanced aluminium brazing technology – controlled atmosphere brazing (CAB).

Perfect Fit

Perfect finish in every detail such as water tanks, connections, threads, bolts, gaskets, mounting brackets, etc. This enables a trouble-free, quick and time-saving installation.

Cooling & durability ​

Cores equipped with double-folded fins, reinforcing the fin against mechanical damages as well as increasing the total heat exchange surface.

Thermal Stress

Reinforced plastic tanks enriched with fibreglass (PA66-GF30) and produced with no recycled plastics.Ensure long product life

Technical Details

  • Scale can clog the radiator core and restrict coolant flow. Deposits and impurities from poor quality antifreeze, improper antifreeze mixing, or plugging agents can also accumulate in the radiator tubes, blocking the flow of antifreeze and affecting product performance.
  • Thermostat failures can cause the cooling system to operate at incorrect temperatures, resulting in insufficient cooling performance
  • Due to its advanced location, the radiator is more susceptible to slight mechanical damage (insects, stone chips, high-pressure water cleaning), causing leakages
  • Failure to dissipate heat can cause the engine to overheat excessively and affect its life

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