Heat exchanger – crucial for the refrigerant state change in the system


1.Extended Durability

Extended product lifespan thanks to a special protection applied to condenser models particularly exposed to corrosion.

2.OE Matching Qualit

Designed, manufactured and tested to match OE quality.Packaging with excellent protection against transport damages.

3.Convenient installation

Perfect finish and product fit, enabling a quick and smooth product installation. O-rings included in the product box for selected items

4.Competitive Range

The product covers over 97% of the market, with over 1100 best-selling models and over 75 new products added every season, making it highly competitive.


1.Perfect craftsmanship

Optimized aluminum brazing manufacturing process significantly reduces surface impurity residues caused by traditional processes

2.Transport Protection

Fixed with foam glue to protect the condenser verges against tight strapping and tensions during transportation.

3.Strong durability

Most condensers use advanced anti-corrosion technology in production.Ensure longer service life

4.Perfect Fitting

Perfect finish in every detail such as connections, threads, bolts, mountings etc. smoothly fitting the vehicle mounting points.

Technical Details

  • The condenser is a component particularly exposed to corrosion, which, quickly, may weaken the mechanical construction and performance of the component as well as reduce its tightness.
  • Corroded or missing fins significantly reduce the performance of the condenser thus the reliability of the entire AC syste
  • A leaking or non-performing condenser leads to an excessive overload of the other AC loop components – mainly the compressor, exposing it to overheating and, in extreme cases, to seize up.
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