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The function of a radiator is like human skin – it can etlectively release heat. maintain the normal operating temperature of the engine. and also protect the engine from damage

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Bringing Coolness and Comfort to Your Drive!

ABCER Radiators are high-quality automotive radiators designed to provide exceptional cooling performance and reliability to enhance your driving experience. Whether you’re on city roads or highways, ABcer Radiators ensure your engine maintains the perfect temperature, thereby enhancing your vehicle’s performance and dependability.

Choosing ABCER Radiators grants you exceptional cooling performance, superior durability, and reliability. We are committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, making your driving journey smoother and more comfortable.

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Utilizing Top-Grade Materials in the Industry


Adopting Reinforced plastic tanksenriched with fiberglass (PA66-GF30)and produced with no recycled plastics

2.FLAT TUBE-Multi-layer

The flat tubes of the radiator core adopt the latest industry standard – multi-layer anti-corrosion process, ensuring corrosion resistance and leak prevention for our products.


The distance between the fins of our aluminum-plastic radiator is only 5 millimeters, which greatly enhances cooling performance compared to traditional 10 millimeter radiators

4.CORE BOARD-1.8mm

Each core board of our radiators has a thickness that exceeds the industry standard, ensuring greater stability and preventing deformation and damage.

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Models:Benz W205 18-


Models:BMW G12 18-


Models:BMW G38 21-


Models:BMW G12/G11/G30 18-


Models:BMW G20/G21 21-


Models:Benz W463/G63 A/MT 18-

Radiator experts from Germany

Built on German craftsmanship, we infuse each ABCER Radiator with impeccable technology and innovative design. By employing advanced materials and manufacturing processes, we ensure our radiators possess outstanding durability and longevity, capable of withstanding challenging driving conditions and environments.

Micro Control Creation

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